Mosaic Work: McQueen

2011.09.28 (LerLer:3Y)
Oh!! I do love this cute McQueen!!
LerLer went to school since this September. He really enjoys the school life.
This semester, LerLer's teacher taugh them something about "grid" or "plaid". Of course, they must make something for this theme.
Really mosaic brick are too heavy, so we used 3D sticker instead of the really ones.
1. Mom helped NiMu to cut so many mosaic stickers.
2. Mom also draw a McQueen for LerLer.
3. LerLer worked very hard, and he was very seriously. Good Boy!
4. See his cute smile!
But it's really a big work, so we didn't finish it only one day!
5. After two days, NiMu said that she can helped LerLer to finish this mosaic work.
NiMu is really a great sister!
6.See!! Finish!! LerLer is so HAPPY!!
post by: darling Ho
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